Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Water Safety

Room 14, along with the rest of the Pukeko had a very special visitor today!

Jan came along to talk to us about keeping safe in the water

We learnt all about life jackets:
- how we know when they are safe
- What they are made from
- What different types of life jackets look like and how they work
- What life jackets looked like in history

 Uh oh it looks like Cayden's Life Jacket is to big! What would happen if he was wearing this in the water?

Next we learnt about hypothermia 

- We learnt what hypothermia means 
- What hypothermia looks like
- How hypothermia happens 
- What to do if we start to get to cold in the ocean 

 Cover your heart with your hands! 

Huddle up to stay warm! 

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