Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Water Safety

Room 14, along with the rest of the Pukeko had a very special visitor today!

Jan came along to talk to us about keeping safe in the water

We learnt all about life jackets:
- how we know when they are safe
- What they are made from
- What different types of life jackets look like and how they work
- What life jackets looked like in history

 Uh oh it looks like Cayden's Life Jacket is to big! What would happen if he was wearing this in the water?

Next we learnt about hypothermia 

- We learnt what hypothermia means 
- What hypothermia looks like
- How hypothermia happens 
- What to do if we start to get to cold in the ocean 

 Cover your heart with your hands! 

Huddle up to stay warm! 

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Room 14 getting stuck into sport!

This term we have been busy developing skills in physical education with our focus being on large ball skills. The last two weeks we have been extending our skills in basketball and we are becoming very confident!

We have learnt
-Where our feet should be when passing and how to use them to make our pass more successful.
-How to throw using a chest pass.
- How to catch a ball coming from different directions.
- How to defend the ball
- How to move into space when being defended.


In Room 14 this term we have been busy learning about different types of measurement. 
Measurement encompasses a large range of areas including temperature, time , length, mass and volume. Because there is so much to learn in this subject area this term we will be zooming in on two areas in particular including time and length

We started our unit with a what we already know activity this was lots of fun as we had to search around the class to find different stations and then work with our group to work out the correct answer 

We had 5 stations:
- Clock 
-Measuring Jugs 
- Thermometer
- Scales 

During this activity we had to think about what each item measured, what it was called,  and what unit we measured it in. It was very challenging but we worked together and tried our best! 

How you can help with our learning at home 
-Sing the months of the year song to help your child to remember the order of the months. 
- Look at a calendar with your child talk about important dates in the family such as birthdays and pop them on the calendar. 
- Encourage your child to help you read the time ask questions such as what number is the big hand on? What number is the small hand on?