Saturday, 15 March 2014

Technology Through Inquiry

In Room 14 we have been very busy over the last few weeks learning how to question.
We Learnt
- What a question is
- How to ask a question
- What different types of questions look like and how they work

We used our new understanding of question asking to begin the 'wonder' aspect of our inquiry.
Students had a go at asking questions about our school grounds by thinking of problems or dilemma's
from this we looked at the area of our school that we related too and discussed the most and began to think about why it was a problem and how we could solve it.
Here is our wonder wall

stay tuned to find out where we go next...

Room 14

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Week 5's Homefun

This week I have introduced spelling to the homefun, all spelling words are based on the essential spelling list and are high frequency words children use in their writing. The students have been grouped according to words they need to learn and will be getting 5 words to learn each week. This is a manageable number of words and has been decided upon across the Pukeko team. 
One of the tasks that will be set this year for spelling is spelling city - this is a fun and interactive way for student to learn their words. Spelling City has two sections, we will be using the free activities that do not require a login or password. 
Below I have included some screenshots and instructions to show you how to use this website. 
 When you first visit the page this is what you will see. It gives you the option to add more words, click on add 1 until you have 5 spaces to enter your words.

Enter your child's words here, I suggest you do this or supervise your child doing this to ensure they are spelt correctly, otherwise they may be learning to spell the words incorrectly. 

After entering the words click on any of the free activities buttons below. 
it will take you to a screen like the one above.

Have fun :) 
If you have trouble with this or anymore questions regarding the homefun or spelling program please do not hesitate to contact me.