Thursday, 6 February 2014

Welcome to room 14's blog

Welcome to Room 14's blog!
This week has been packed full of activities aimed to help us build a safe, caring, and successful learning environment!
We are in the process of making our own book based on the David Shannon- No David books.
we started our learning around peacemaker and peace-breaker behaviours and have set about educating 'David' on making good choices in the classroom. Stay tuned to see the finished product.

We started the week out learning a new game that teaches us to work together and collaborate.
Today we mastered the game - What a great team!
Here are some photos:

 A recipe for success:
Today in class we set about learning about our schools learning competencies from our learning model:

  • Being Resilient: Persevering with challenges and bouncing back when things get tough
  • Collaborating: Participating co-operatively in any given situation
  • Connecting: Finding and developing relationships
  • Discerning: Making appropriate choices based on what I see and what I know
  • Reflecting: Looking at what I have done and deciding ‘where to next’
  • Questioning: Being curious about what I think, learn and do
With these learning competencies we set about making our own recipe for success 
Students made their own chef hats and set about making sure we had all of the ingredients we needed to become successful learners. 
Here are some photos of our experience. 
All of the children in room 14 brought home their recipe for success to share with their families. 


  1. Lucy had a great first week! Those activities look so fun! Thanks

  2. Absolutely fantastic : I'm having the best time i have had fun